Recording, producing and editing of recorded footage requires time, patience and skill - all the qualities that ABFX Productions have strived to achieve.  Whether we are recording a live street performance, filming footage in our own studio or taking on an unrelated project - we give it our very best, ABFX are proud to be able to say that all our material is produced, recorded and edited in-house.

ABFX has been working with many small projects (including the Food Maharajas launched in 2017 but due to sceduling issues and just how reguar life can get in the way, things had slowed down and eventually come to a stand still. However, the project is not entirely dead... yet, so we shall see what will happen.

Work has been slow, especially with the situation the world is currently in (COVID-19) but we are still working behind the scenes  to keep our skills honed and primed for when things do return to normal.

Magic Ammo

Lights... Camera... ACTION!

The Food Maharajas