Amrit Bhachoo - Student of Psychology and Magic.

Many professional magicians today who are asked when they started learning magic will probably say that they had started when they were very young, using a magic kit they had got as a gift. Although Amrit had recieved a magic kit as a Christmas gift when young, it was something Amrit had tinkered with and then set aside to move on to other things (chemistry sets became quite a facination for quite a long while) before realising his magical talents much later in life.

Entertaining has always played an intricate role in the family and it could be said that it runs in the blood - Amrit's grandfather, the late Mr H.S. Ghataore, was a talented magician and musician who had passed on much of his knowledge of music to his children, many of whom can still play a host of musical instruments. His magical talents however were taught to one specific son, Mr Satwant Ghataore.

Although Amrit had already started learning basic skills in magic as a passtime, it was through watching his uncle Satwant perform at family gatherings that Amrit felt the need to also entertain and amaze and this would start with broadening his skills and knowledge of magic. Performing for the first time in front of friends at a club, still somewhat questioning his skills, the praise and amazement seen on the faces of the spectators that night was all that Amrit had needed to start him on his journey to turn what was nothing more than a hobby into a profession that he realised he loved doing.

Today, Amrit has been performing magic for friends and family at parties and events as well as occasionally performing for the general public during his visits to pubs, clubs and restaurants. What began as a hobby has now formed a major part of who Amrit is. Through laughs, disbelief and even fear, Amrit has entertained many people who left smiling and who always come back asking to see more just so that they can be entertained - all through the power that is magic.

Mr Amrit 'Magic Ammo' Bhachoo
A proud member of the I.B.M. and the I.B.M. British Ring.

Mr H.S. Ghataore.
Grandfather, Musician and Magician.

Mr Satwant Singh Ghataore
Performing at a family function on September 2013.